Content Pack Creation Suggestion

I have a small suggestion. I wanted to export all of my custom grok patterns. So I went to the contents pack page, clicked create new contents pack and scrolled down to the grok patterns to include. I then clicked ‘Select All’ which selected all of the patterns including the default ones, upon clicking ‘Select All’ again I hoped it would remove all the selected grok patterns but they all stayed selected and I had to manually uncheck each one. Overall this isn’t a huge issue and I could still do what I set out to do, but with a whole load of custom grok patterns that I had created then it took me a few more minutes than it should to create a content pack. (Please note that I am on Graylog version 2.2.3 and if this is a feature of newer version then fair enough)



I think it’s still the same behavior in the latest version of Graylog (version 2.4.0-beta.2 as of the time of writing).

Feel free to create a feature request at

I have now created a feature request on github.

Here is the link to the issue if you’d like to follow it’s progress:



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