Upgrading ES 7.10 and RestClient Warnings Log4J help

2020-12-22T00:28:34.584Z WARN [RestClient] request [GET*/_alias?ignore_throttled=false&ignore_unavailable=false&expand_wildcards=open&allow_no_indices=false] returned 1 warnings: [299 Elasticsearch-7.10.0-51e9d6f22758d0374a0f3f5c6e8f3a7997850f96 “this request accesses system indices: [.kibana_1, .kibana_92668751_admin_1], but in a future major version, direct access to system indices will be prevented by default”]

Get the following error thats creating alot of noise, trying various log4 options and can’t seem to kill this log without disabling core logging. Any ideas?

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