Issues with ES 7.13 or 7.14 resolved?

I am just wondering if the previous issues with ES 7.13 have been resolved with the newer releases.
In the prior release notes there was a large warning saying don’t use ES 7.13, which i no longer see so I’m hoping for some clarification on that point?


You referring to this?

Yep thats what i was looking for… i assume then that this is still the case? Just to be crystal clear?

I assume so. I’m always hesitant to upgrade Elasticsearch to any newer version on Graylog for the simple fact down grading can be a mess, that being said 7.10 works very well.

My quandary on this is that the team wants to use the elastic endpoint as a trial and it seems like they really only got that working well from 7.12 on… ive tried to get it to work with 7.9 but its been one headache after another and i keep getting told to update :slight_smile:

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