Confused by 4.1.0 release notes, please clarify

In the release notes there is a large “Important Note” that says:
We caution you not to install or upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.11 and later! To do so, will break your instance. Also, it is not supported, and it is not possible to downgrade without restoring from backups.

Im finding this very confusing as it seems like it should be obvious, but my experience to date calls it into question so i was hoping i might get some clarity here.

I have installed 4.0.8 with ES 7.13 without issues in testing and it worked just fine. In fact when i tried to install 4.0.8 with ES 7.9.3 i was told i needed to update ES.

I have also upgraded a 4.0.8 using ES 7.13 to 4.1.0 and still had no issues.

What am i missing here, what is the compatibility matrix on this? Can i run GL 4.1.0 with ES 7.13 or will it eventually blow up on me? Should i stick with 4.0.8 with ES 7.13 or is that already doomed as the note seems to indicate?

If anyone can provide some better insight to clear this up i would greatly appreciate it.

Having been one of those who updated elastic to 7.13 … it is possible to run that way… you may get some odd behavior though… and little help for it expect for maybe those who still have it in an unsupported 7.13 state. The only thing I have seen is that dashboard panels will occasionally fail retrieving data… but I am not sure it is related to my overexuberant upgrade…

Thanks for the reply.
My dev team is adamant about only using supported releases (rightfully so it seems) so im building a new instance with ES 7.9 and GL 4.1.0.
Ill have to do some research to see what im losing in that process.
Thanks again.

You may be able to save some data by adding in the supported version to the cluster - concept briefly talked about here:

Either way it would be a good experience to get clustering working.

Yes i agree, however, we haven’t yet had the time to implement this in such a manner.

Sidenote i also observed that if i run the CentOS OS updates it will update ES to 7.13. In case that saves anyone else some hassle.

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