Upgrade to OpenSearch problem

I upgraded to opensearch from elastic after following the guide, Migrating to OpenSearch. Now, can’t connect to web on port 9000. Here is the error in server.log:
ERROR [VersionProbe] Unable to retrieve version from Elasticsearch node: Failed to connect to / - Connection refused (Connection refused).

I’m running graylog on RHEL8 and the version is 4.3.1. All service status are green.

It looks like graylog is still looking for elasticsearch instead of using opensearch.

your help is much appraciated.

Hello && Welocme @abadanvolek

Looks like it cannot connect to check firewalls and you configuration files.
ES config

http.port: 9200

GL config

elasticsearch_hosts =
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Thank you very much for the quick response. That was the solution. I actually had the host’s IP address as opposed to the loop back IP.

Thanks again

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No problem :+1: If you can mark this post as resolved for future searches that would be great.

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