Graylog 5.0 fails to talk to opensearch

Have deployed Opensearch 2.3.0 and Graylog 5.0

Started the openseach and graylog, but graylog is not able to talk to Opensearch

  1. Went through the forum and tried few
    http.port: 9200

Opensearch logs - caught exception while handling client http traffic, closing connection Netty4HttpChannel

and graylog
Unable to retrieve version from Elasticsearch node: unexpected end of stream on… - \n not found: limit=0 content=….
2022-12-15T16:46:34.954+13:00 INFO [VersionProbe] Elasticsearch is not available. Retry #124

Hello @getvasanth

What does your configurtion look like?

There are some quick commands here to pull config files without all the comments for posting…