What changes are needed for fresh graylog 5. installation to enable opensearch / disable elasticsearch

I successfully installed opensearch for a fresh Graylog 5 Open.
If i try to run graylog i get a lots off errors that elasticsearch is not installed.

2023-01-03T10:39:09.695Z ERROR [VersionProbe] Unable to retrieve version from Elasticsearch node: Failed to connect to / - Connection refused.
2023-01-03T10:39:09.695Z INFO [VersionProbe] Elasticsearch is not available. Retry #241

i tried to find something in the server.conf to disable elasticsearch and to enable opensearch but so far no luck.

can anybody point me in the right direction where / how i can enable opensearch for graylog ?

Linux Ubuntu 22.04
Graylog 5

could just solve that Problem my self:
the line

network.host: ${HOSTNAME}

must be:
in my installation because i have no working DNS i guess :slight_smile:

now my first Graylog 5.x is up and running

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Hey @Matthias23

I assume this is resolved? if so could you mark this as resolved for future searchs.

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