Upgrade Graylog Operating System and program to version 5.0

I am currently using Graylog version 3.3.11 on Ubuntu 18.04. I want to upgrade both Graylog and OS to the latest version. What is the best path to upgrade both programs? I was planning to upgrade Ubuntu to the newest version of ubuntu 22.04. Then upgrade Graylog to 4.2, then 5.0. is this a good plan, or should I try a different upgrade path for both programs?

With such version gaps I would have opted for installing a fresh 22.04 OS, installing Graylog 5 with OpenSearch, reimplementing the different configurations which are in the old Graylog (inputs, extractors, pipelines, dashboards etc.) then finally switching off the old Graylog instance and configuring its IP in the new one.


It’s even easier now to install on Ubuntu. Ethan covers this in the latest video. Graylog helped submit for the OpenSearch Debian package. You will see now installing Graylog V5, MongoDB V6.04 and OpenSearch V2.5 here in this video.


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