Upgrade ELS6.8 to 7.9


I want upgrade ELS6.8 to 7.9 (only one ELS, I don’t have cluster)

Actual version:

Graylog version: 4.0.1
MongoDB: v4.2.10
Elasticsearch: 6.8

I have one VM for each server.

Actually, that work, but Graylog 4 is very slow and I have lot of Time out on dashboards.
For this reason, I have to upgrade Elasticsearch.

However, This ELS was born with version 5, and there is long time an upgrade to ELS6 was effected, but without considering the database conversion.

So today i want to do it using the best practice.

I read this: Upgrade Elasticsearch | Elasticsearch Reference [7.9] | Elastic
But I don’t understand all step.

Considering I just have one ELS, what are the manipulation to do it?
I can stop my input without problem, and maybe I have to close indices?

Thank you.

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Hey @Arethusa, you can upgrade elasticsearch with Graylog online. While the ES service is restarted for the upgrade messages will queue in the Graylog buffers / disk queue.

anyone upgrading to ES 7 should read the ES 7 Upgrade notes in the Graylog documentation and make sure your indices are all at least 6.0 indices. If you don’t run the check before because you assume you have all 6.0 indices and you upgrade, elasticsearch will check prior to starting and will fail to start with an error that will require you to “downgrade” reindex and then upgrade. And technically there is no way to downgrade Elasticsearch.

The upgrade guide from Elastic is also worth a once over, as are the breaking changes starting from 7.0 through the version that you want to install.

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