Does graylog 4.0 support only max elasticsearch version 7.1 OR up to 7.10.2

I am currently runing graylog 4.0,17 and elasticsearch 6.8.
I was planing for upgrade of elasticsearch to 7.10.2, but then I noticed differetn information about suported version:
Planning Your OpenSearch Migration says:

grayog 4.0:
minimum elasticsearch: 6.8
maximum elasticsearch: 7.1

But next document Upgrading Graylog has chart
where it mentions graylog 4.0.X and min ES version 6.8, 7
and maximum ES version 7.10.2

So can I still first upgrade elasticsearch, or is it safer to first upgrade graylog to 4.3 ?

I would stick with the Upgrading Graylog chart. You haven’t mentioned your Mongo version but check it against the page. I would upgrade Graylog first since you currently within versions of Elasticsearch/Mongo(?) and then upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.10.2… I would also follow it by upgrading/converting to OpenSearch 1.3.x since Graylog has no plans for future support of Elasticsearch database. As always, have a backup and plan if it goes awry. Good luck!!

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Thank you , I will first upgrade gl to 4.3. Mongo is currently at 4.0, but I may upgrade it even before gl upgrade. All these upgrades are part of preparation to then switch to opensearch, That will be installed on another set of machines, and then just the data will be exported from elasticsearch to opensearch. using elastic/opensearch snapshot/restore

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