Should I upgrade to ES 7?

I have been running Graylog 3.3 for a while (alongside ES 6), and have recently upgraded GL to 4 RC2. The update seems neat and I have encountered no bugs thus far. Thanks to the Graylog team for this release !

My question is, are there any motives/advantages/arguments in favour of upgrading to ES 7 ? ES 6 has been stable for me, but I’d be willing to upgrade if there are performence benefits or features in 7 that are beneficial to Graylog.

Elasticsearch 7.10 improves indexing speed by up to 20% ©

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ES 6.8 is end of life tomorrow 11/20/2020.

still a very capable platform, but might also be incentive to upgrade.

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The backup/retention stuff in ES7 is also very good

We have observed a roughly 10% decrease in resource utilization with the same load following our upgrade from 6.8 to 7.10, so there appear to be efficiency improvements.

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