Trusted header authentication in graylog

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can someone help where the trusted header authentication is stored in Graylog 4, we want to know to get SSO authentication working with version 4

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Can you elaborate on what exactly you need? If you’re looking as to where to configure it in the UI, it’s under “System–>Authentication–>Authenticators”

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we are having 3 docker container graylog, mongo & elasticsearch we want to use SSO authentication with graylog version 4, since it was easy in version 3.

I basically want where the information about “trusted header authentication” is stored nay config file /database or so, so that we can dig further and do some configuration to get graylog 4 working with SSO with X-FORWARDER-USER , current situation is SSO is integrated with Graylog but it is not working with our organization SSO , only default password is working at the moment.


The SSO configuration is stored in MongoDB–the only configuration that’s stored in a file (server.conf is that needed for the server to operate .

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