Telegram Alert plugin + Graylog 3.1

Hey I’m using graylog dockerized so I followed the official docs to install the telegram-alert plugin (creating a new dockerfile ) so it works in graylog 2.4, but I can’t find where is the telegram notification option in graylog 3.1, checking the node information, it says that the plugin is installed but I cannot use it.

Any solutions to this issue? supposedly the telegram-alert plugin is compatible with graylog 3.1 but it appears that it’s not true.

did you install the plugin in 3.1 that is compatible with 3.1?

I was checking the plugin’s release date and it appears that the plugin is for graylog 3.1.0 not for 3.1.3, well I think that my doubt was solved, Thanks!!

it should not make a difference if 3.1.3 or 3.1.0 - but that should be visible in the Plugins Readme/release information.

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