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Plugin v2.3.7

:bell: Telegram Notification Plugin for Graylog

TelegramNotification Plugin for Graylog

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TelegramNotification allows you to send Graylog alert messages to a specified Telegram chat.


Requires Graylog 3.1 or later. It’s recommended to use the latest Graylog release.


  1. Download the latest TelegramNotification release and place the graylog-plugin-telegram-notification-x.x.x.jar file in your plugin_dir that is configured in your graylog.conf as described in the Graylog documentation.
  2. Restart your graylog-server, i.e. systemctl restart graylog-server .
  3. Configure an alert notification as described in the next section.


Step 1 - Create Bot

Create a new Telegram bot with the BotFather and copy the bot token.

Step 2 - Get Channel ID

Use the Message Tool to find the Chat ID of the desired chat.

You can use a private chat, add the bot to a group-chat or to a channel. Just make sure to copy the correct Channel ID.

Step 3 - Add Notification

Navigate to Alerts > Notifications in your Graylog-interface and select Telegram Notification as the notification type.

The message is a template that can be configured as described in the Graylog Documentation



To update the plugin you need to remove the old graylog-plugin-telegram-notification-x.x.x.jar (or telegram-alert-x.x.x.jar ) file from your plugins folder and follow the installation instructions again.

You may need to remove and re-create your Telegram Notifications.


See development/ for some notes on how to get started with development.

Contributions are welcome.


Thanks to:

  • Alexey Medov (@kakogoxepa) - for his valuable ideas and generous donation!
  • Everyone that starred this repository :star: - you keep me motivated :slightly_smiling_face:
  • Contributors that submitted useful pull-requests or opened good issues with suggestions or a detailed bug report.