Syslog inputs missing from new installation

This is identical to the message posted on April 3 by Ameen Ali.
After a fresh installation on ubuntu 16.04 the only inputs available are Beats, 3 AWS Inputs (Flow, Logs, and CloudTrail, and 2 CEF Inputs (AMQP & Kafka).
His solution was refreshing the browser.
When I executed the suggested curl command:
curl -H ‘Accept: application/json’ ‘http://MYSERVER.COM:9000/api/system/inputs/types?pretty=true
The output was null.
Flushing my browser cache or connecting with a different browser returned the same list of inputs.

Ubuntu 16.04LTS
Graylog v2.4.5+8e18e6a

Please link the topic.

Probably because you are missing the authentication part ( --user).

Here is a link to the identical issue:

You were correct about the missing —user. When I added it the list that was returned had the missing inputs. As I mentioned in the original post, clearing the browser cache or starting with another browser does not return the complete list. I’ve tried this with safari, chrome and firefox on a Mac running High Sierra 10.3.5

If the Graylog REST API returns the correct list, the problem is in your browser or somewhere between your browser and Graylog, e. g. in a caching transparent proxy.

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