Stream not found error in the UI for change field type

1. Describe your incident:
UI error on change field type

2. Describe your environment:
graylog 6.0.3 (was a fresh 6.0.1 install originally)

3. What steps have you already taken to try and solve the problem?
Confirmed the stream does not exist in db.getCollection(‘streams’).find({})

4. How can the community help?

In the search view i click on a field heading → change field type …

The modify pops up (and seems to work fine) but after a few seconds i get an error on the bottom of the UI that says,

Could not load Stream
Loading stream failed with status: FetchError: There was an error fetching a resource: . Additional information: Stream <000000000000000000000004> not found!

i can only assume there is a reference somewhere in mongodb but not sure where to look…

That’s odd because <000000000000000000000004> is the default ID of the built-in processing failures stream.
Try disabling and enabling failure processing under system/configuration/plugins/failure processing

@rodney_vdw If you are attempting to alter the field type while filtering by stream then this would happen. Unselect the stream so there are no filters and try again.

@Wine_Merchant Very interesting - thx for the pointer. Does that only reproduce with the Failures stream or any stream?

thanks for getting back, apologies for the late reply.

I do not have such a plugin it seems so cant enable/disable

unfortunately, no, clearing filters does not resolve the popup for me

Right - Processing Failure Stream is an enterprise feature.
Did this start happening recently? Did you downgrade from enterprise to open?

@rodney_vdw If you use bulk actions to deselect all streams and then select the stream where you wish to change the type, does it then work?

Thanks for the hints so far, i think i understand where the error is coming from. Let me explain

In the following screenshot i had clicked to change the field type. Note in the yellow message block at the end is the “Loading” wording

once “Loading” is complete, the name of this “Processing and Indexing Failures” “enterprise” stream is shown - at the same time I get the popup of the stream error

if i click on this stream link then indeed it tries to open the stream (that does not exist)

so, i can only assume the error is displayed because of the yellow notification bar which tries to hint the user to a non-existent stream (in non enterprise mode)

Thanks for the details on reproducing the issue.
I filee an issue to get that fixed.