Graylog - The stream can't select a field in the managed stream

  • OS Information: Ubuntu 22.04 LTS
  • Package Version: [Graylog 5.2.6 , Elasticsearch 7.17.14]
    I’m encountering a strange issue with Graylog; I can’t add any stream rules or edit them. I’ve searched for errors in the log files, but found nothing at all. Additionally, I attempted to downgrade the Graylog version from 5.2.6 to 5.2.4, but that also yielded no results. I’ve checked the MongoDB databases, and there is only one database called Graylog.


This is Ubuntu 22.0.4 , Graylog-5.2.6 with OpenSearch 2.6.0. You may run into issue with elasticsearch7.17.14 Graylog does not support that Software/version.

No issues.

Here is my test example.

Make sure there is no spaces, if you Copy & Paste sometime there are issues.

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