Fields not available in 3.2.1+dbaac33

I am running graylog in aks, and I am already receiving messages from a GELF TCP input. When I go to the search section and press ctrl+space to list fields or go to the X2 fields tab, no fields are displayed (But search works). Could you explain me why is this happening?

Thanks in advance!.

check the community for more information (I have read about something simmilar).
and update always a good option, so maybe you won’t have that problem with a fresh graylog.

I’ve upgraded to 3.2.4 and the same is happening.

I can see the following error in graylog logs:

com.mongodb.DuplicateKeyException: Write failed with error code 11000 and error message 'E11000 duplicate key error collection: graylog.index_field_types index: index_name_1 dup key: { : “graylog_0”

Any idea?

Ok, fixed. I dropped the index_types collection and was recreated

and do you still have the problem?

No, I was able to fix it deleting the mongo collection

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