Sources Tab in Graylog 3.2.1

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I noticed that after the upgrade to Graylog 3.2.1+dbaac33 there’s suddenly no “Sources tab” where one could see the amount of incoming log messages based on sources (IP addresses or hostnames). This seems to have vanished.
Is there any possbility to cover this within the new version, because it was really really useful to us.

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There is a new dasboard called Sources, that replaced Sources tab.

Graylog 3.2 changelog also contains this information:
Sources page has been removed and converted into a dashboard.

This is a list of all sources that sent in messages to Graylog.
This is a list of all sources that sent in messages to Graylog. You can narrow the timerange by zooming in on the message histogram, or you can increase the time range by specifying a broader one in the controls at the top. You can also specify filters to limit the results you are seeing. You can also add additional widgets to this dashboard, or adapt the appearance of existing widgets to suit your needs.

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I found that new Sources dashboard, but i shows me only top 16 entries and their message count. How can size of output(tabel or chart) be chaged to show all sources (as it was possible in previous version).

Hi @lecko,

here can you edit the limit of the displayed sources:

Graylog (5)

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