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Is it possible to see all log sources who are sending logs to my Graylog server?


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Yes you can, navigate to Dashboards → Sources. This is for version 4.0.

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Thanks, that was easy. I am new to the Graylog, using version 4.1.0

Glad I can help.
If you need to know more take a look here.


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@gsmith It seems like the sources tab under dashboard is not giving me the correct data. Some of the devices which I know are sending alerts do not show up in sources and the output changes every time I check that in. Do I need to apply some sort of filter to see all log sources?

Looks like it is a live stream of the data, it updates as you get log from the source however I am looking for an option where I can everything. Hope I am making any sense here

Hello @Raynu

I have some questions.

  • What version of graylog do you have?
  • What kind of device/s are these sending data to Graylog (Windows, Linux, Switches, etc…)?
  • Are these devices in a domain and if so, do they have a reverse lookup in the DNS server?
  • The devices that are not showing can you ping the graylog server from them?

The reason I ask this is maybe there is something in the way from reaching the Graylog server like firewall, etc…

Maybe set the search time to 1 Day that might help.


I dont think so, When your in Dashboard called “Sources” choose a device you want to see the logs from. There is an arrow next to each source, once you click it a window opens and then Choose “Show documents for value”

To help you further, is it possible to see a screen shot of what you looking at?

I figured out what the issue was, it was just displaying 15 devices and I just had to change the number to be more than 15 over here:


Nice, glad you resolved the issue.
Sorry about that,I didnt know you were refering to the Widget.

Looks Good.
Can you please help me on nxlog collector configuration for Linux?

Thank you

Hi Masud,

While folks are happy to help, we ask that you refrain from hijacking threads. I see you’ve already posted here Collector is running but no messages from Linux. Let’s keep the conversation there, please.

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Thank you @aaronsachs

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