Count number of sources

Hello All,

I’m newbe on graylog and I try to count the numbers of sources do I have.
anyone can help me please ?

if you share the Graylog version you have we can help.

But you have something that is called the “source page” that should give you the inside.

If you use one of the latest versions of graylog (3.2, 3.3) you can for example create widget with Metrics: card(source) and setup widget Visualization type: Single number. That way, you see number of sources as one value in widget.

Screenshot from 2020-06-15 09-10-44


After version 3.2 you can find a sources under dashbord. Before that, you have a sources menu item.

I am using version Graylog 2.3.2+
but if the only way to vieux that information in dashboard is upgrade, i will do that

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