SMTP Notifications - Grace period

Hello everyone,

Sorry if this topic already exists, I just wanna know if there is any update or solution since cause I can’t find how to solved it.

I have some issues with SMTP notifications, “Grace period” looks don’t work… :frowning:

I play with the “search within the last” and “execute search every” field for the moment.

This degraded solution doesn’t look really nice: we don’t have real-time alerts.

Is there any corrective maybe implement on the next version?
When can we hope a bugfix for this?
Do you have any other ideas to fix it?

By the way, thank you for the great jobs…
Graylog promises to have a long days ahead of him.



-OS: CentOS 8.2.2004 (core)
-Elasticsearch: Version 6.8.11
-MongoDB: Version 4.2.8
-Graylog: Version 3.3.3

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