Notifications not sent past Grace Period

Hi there,

After upgrading to v3.3.0-5 we experienced an issue with Notifications for an alert. Alert rule is checking if a periodic condition (2 min period) stops occurring.

Alert configuration:

Condition Type: Filter and Aggregation
Search query: <condition to be checked>
Search within last: 5 minutes
Execute search every: 1 minute
Create event if: count<1

Notifications: email and SMS via plugin
Grace period: 5 minutes
Message Backlog: 0

What we observed is that Events are created every minute as expected, but only the first notification was sent out. In this scenario, the condition was met constantly for an extended period of time. What we expected (please correct me if wrong) was to get notifications every 5 minutes until the condition is no longer met (i.e. count > 0).

Please note this was certainly not an issue on 3.2.1.

This may be related to Notification grace period - bugfix but I am not skilled enough to understand the code.


I have reproduced the behavior and found no logs at server.log

I had a brief look at the source code and found the below

If I understand correctly, the retrieved lastTriggeredAlertHistory is the last alert in the DB for the same alertID, but not necessarily the last alert that triggered a notification. As in my scenario alerts continue to be triggered during the grace period, does the ref point changes every time?

Thanks, that is indeed a bug:

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