Graylog alerts and notifications

Hello, i just started using graylog and the 1. thing i did was setup a pipeline and an event for it. Now the events do display but i wanted to set the alerts. So i set up a threat alert for each time there WILL NOT BE a threat since it was only true and false. I wanted to see if it will display the alerts…well it didnt and the email notification didnt work either. i am using graylog 3.1. But after 8h of trying and testing it was time to call it a day. And 45 mins later i got 472 emails from graylog for alerts that were happening 5h ago. Dose anyone know why this is happening and how do i fix it. Thank you!

look through the Graylog server logs to see if Graylog attempted to send the email at the time the alert was triggered. If it did… go check your mail server.

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