SMSEagle SMS Plugin for Graylog

### Plugin 1.0.1

Preformatted textTransport that sends SMS notifications via the SMSEagle Hardware SMS/MMS Gateway

# SMSEagle SMS Plugin for Graylog

An alarm callback plugin for integrating the [SMSEagle device ]( into [Graylog](

**Required Graylog version:** 2.0.0 and later

## Installation

[Download the plugin ]( and place the `.jar` file in your Graylog plugin directory. The plugin directory is the `plugins/` folder relative from your `graylog-server` directory by default and can be configured in your `graylog.conf` file.

Restart `graylog-server` and you are done.

For detailed setup instructions go to page [SMSEagle Graylog SMS integration page](

## Build

This project is using Maven 3 and requires Java 8 or higher.

You can build the plugin (JAR) with `mvn package` .

DEB and RPM packages can be built with `mvn jdeb:jdeb` and `mvn rpm:rpm` respectively.

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