Small Business license(s)


We have two Graylog 2.x instances now. Not clustered, they are in different data centers.

I want to use a Small Business license (<5GB traffic) for each data center replacement. However, I can’t get answer from Graylog if Graylog will grant ‘2’ small business licenses.

It would suck to setup 2 new servers running graylog to find out I won’t be able to license them.

Each instance gets less than 5GB of traffic each, but combined they would exceed 5GB. (although not clustered)


Hey @primerib,

Given that the small business license request form includes cluster ID and company information I’m going to speculate that the spirit of the license is a maximum ingest of 5 GB/day for a given organization regardless of whether it’s a single server or spanning a cluster of 10 servers (or 2 non-clustered servers). @dscryber and @aaronsachs can probably help clarify for you.


That’s right. The spirit of the license is intended that you’re ingesting < 5GB. I will also say that the license is tied to the cluster ID–multiple clusters can’t have the same ID, so you would need multiple licenses, effectively. @primerib let me do some internal digging and have the right folks reach out to you.

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