Simple Web Plugin Developement


It’s been a long time I am trying to compile a simple plugin that would add a simple web page into Graylog web interface.

I achieved it by reusing an opensource Plugin made by Airbus : GitHub - airbus-cyber/graylog-plugin-correlation-count: Alert condition plugin for Graylog to perform correlation

However, I encountered compatibility errors with the last graylog versions. I assume this incompatibility is due to the original Airbus plugin’s code.

Reusing other plugins which have their own constraint is not acceptable for me.

Does anyone of you know how to built a simple plugin that would keep its compatibility with any last graylog versions (I imagine this possible because of the simplicity of just adding a webpage)

I tried using the public example of plugin published by Graylog but I never succeded to make it work.

Here is an example of what is adding my plugin based on Airbus’s plugin. (Clicking on MyPlugin is just redirecting to a webpage inside graylog)

Hello @weird-oecophylla

I understand it sucks when something works now it doesnt.

Perhaps this can help.



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