Web plugin not working anymore since upgrading to graylog v3.0


I’m actually facing an issue with my web plugin(wizard),

On the graylog web interface, when I clic on the wizard button I got the url
but the url should be

I am able to access the wizard plugin manually by browsing this url on the graylog web interface.
Got this error message from pulgit

Please consider that the wizard url was working nicely on graylog v2.5 before upgrading to graylog v3.0 so it seems to be a graylog issue.
Hope you can help us.

the plugin version you are using might not be compatible with Graylog 3.0

Thanks for the quick reply,

It is our own plugin so, how to make it compatible with Graylog 3.0, or do I need to downgrade to graylog 2.5 ?
Maybe I can change the URL path myself somewhere in graylog so it could looks like the screenshot below (manually resolve)

if that is your own plugin - you should be able to debug what the problem is. Should someone else in your company has written that - ask this person.

There is the same bug on the plugin graylog-plugin-collector
Since Graylog 3.0, the URL are not well resolved in the navigation or subnavigation menu for the plugins.


The problem is actually getting solved, it was an issue within graylog.
Follow the link below for more informations.

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