BackupConfig Plugin for Graylog is not showing

(Komathodivijay) #1

Plugin is not reflecting in Graylog Console.
Version:- Graylog v2.4.0

Download the BackupConfig Plugin 1.0.2 and place the .jar file in Graylog plugin directory.
Restart graylog-server

(Jan Doberstein) #2

did you checked if the version is working with graylog 2.4?

(Komathodivijay) #3

I’m using Version:- Graylog v2.4.0

(Jan Doberstein) #4

Did you checked if the Plugin you try to use is compatible with that Graylog version?

(Komathodivijay) #5

Required Graylog version: 2.1 and later

(Jochen) #6

Maybe open a bug report in that repository? Just an idea…

Also see:

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