Sidecar version matrix

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Just wondering about the sidecar version matrix in the docs.

There is no mention of Graylog server version 5.1.x.
Would it be possible to update the docs ?

Thanks !

You are looking at the 5.0 version of the docs.
If you select version 5.1 it says this:

Sidecar Version Graylog Server Version
1.4.x 5.0.x or higher

Hi @patrickmann !

You’re right that I was referencing the wrong URL, sorry about that.
But, even on the 5.1 docs, the table is not referencing the 1.5 sidecar version.

This though Sidecar v1.5 seems to be the current version as shown in the package definition.

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@nicosalva The package numbering schema is a bit confusing. It’s not related to the version. 1.4 is still the most current sidecar version.

@patrickmann Ah okay, so graylog-sidecar-repository-1-5.noarch.rpm is still providing sidecar v1.4.x ?

That’s right. I was confused for a bit too.

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Ok understood :slight_smile: Thanks for your help !