EOL: Graylog Server release V5.0

Hello Team,

I read on the post Graylog releases EOL that you give patch 1 year after the version get out. Is it still valid ?

Not easy but on this page you print the release with the date, https://graylog.org/releases/

I am searching to confirm that you continue to provide patching rpm from this repo concerning v5.0…


December 6, 2022"

So if i understood correctly, Graylog 5.0 is no more supported since december 2023 the 6th…
but it seems that it exists some sub release…like

October 12, 2023"

So i can conclude that it was the last update for the V5.0 if i understood correctly.
Note : except on your forum, i couldn’t get this important information about EOL of your version. It is an easy step to help to use your product and get the new version regularly and plan it…

Can you confirm that this release V5.0 is really EOL ? What do you please recommend → V5.2 (same previous like except 5.2 in place of 5.0) is the best currently ? is There some LTS versions ?

Thank you.

Note: Team please an officiel page to EOL according to the version like a matrix including your different type of version and version, should be very helpfull. It should be a recommanded good practice for each Open Source or FOSS projects.


Graylog support the current and one previous major release, so as of today that is 5.1.x and 5.2.x, when 6.0 releases later this spring then we will stop releasing updates for 5.1.

We release new major versions about twice a year, so a version is normally in support for about a year, with maintenance updates every month.

Hi Joel,
Thank you.

The v6.0 was in alpha in term of RPM if i have seen it correctly.
So the fresh"est" is the 5.2 except my mistake.


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