Graylog releases EOL


What is graylog policy regarding older versions in terms of support: Is there any EOL for the graylog release ? Can not find this information anywhere.
If i am using Graylog version of 3.2.6, when it will be absolutely necessary to upgrade to the next release ?

You might find this useful: Frequently asked questions — Graylog 4.0.0 documentation. I’ll also note that we only release security and bug fixes for a year after a version is released. That said, 3.3.0 is EOL and many of the point releases are approaching EOL. So while you can continue running 3.2.6, the 3.2.X releases aren’t receiving any bug fixes or security releases. I’d highly recommend getting on the 4.0.X branch, as it’s actively receiving bug fixes and security fixes when they arise.

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Thank you very much for the reply. We have tried to migrate to 4.0 version but had to roll back after a very short period of time to 3.2.6, as 4.0 was incredibly slow: UI, dashboards rendering etc.
In 3.2.x though everything works just fine, and we spent about a week trying to figure out (without success) what was the root cause.

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