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I´m currently evaluating Graylog as an Logging/Siem solution, and it seems pretty powerful. As I´m now learning about everything graylog, I´m wondering, if there is a page, where I can see the current stable version? Is this somewhere documented? I think, this is or could be a common question, people may have and a simple way to find this info could actually avoid unnecessary forum threads…

e.g. I found a similar question: Stable version of graylog
But I cannot find the stable version info.

Even here : httpx://
it is beeing stated: " If you are unsure what the latest stable version number is, take a look at our release page."

But I cannot find it there.

The next question would be, how well the testings are performed, and if it is advisable to go with the newest version or keep it more like the old fashion: “Never change a running system”… I said “more”, of couse in times of security issues etc., we cannot be totally in that old fashion any more :wink:
In regards of the Enterprise version, is there any policy to be ini a supported state? So is there a lifetime cycle of the different product-versions?


he @seroal

Graylog is public developed on Github ( ) what makes it possible to simple check the release page:

It might be that a release is already done but not yet official announced. The main reason for this is most likely that the OS specific packages need to be build or some administrative work need to be done before the official release.

We encourage the latest version of Graylog and stay up to date. But mainly because we provide bugfix releases only for the latest stable release. It might happen that a bug fix release is coming for an old release, but it is not very likely.

What I notice a lot is that people asking for new features or how something can be done and the latest release already offers that.

We try to provide always a smooth update path and as long as you follow the official documentation we do not see problems during the process in environments on all sizes.

Does that answer your questions?

Hi Jan,

the answer is very satisfactory and clarified my questions, thanks for that.

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