Last version Problem

Just so you know it can be interesting for someone here

We had problem with the version 3.3.5 some of the .js functionalities Web-client on the OVA or even with manual installation wasn’t displaying
we had to downgrade the version 3.1.2 to make the Graylog web interface work

For what it’s worth we have been upgrading incrementally as new versions are released. We received the notification on Monday on our deployment that 3.3.5 is available. In response to this post I just performed an upgrade from 3.3.4 to 3.3.5 without issue. We also deployed via OVA originally. Were you upgrading from 3.1.2 to 3.3.5? Or have you been upgrading incrementally as well? What errors did you see (including in the server log file)? Just trying to get details in case anyone else finds this thread and is troubleshooting.

Well I wanted to use Graylog like 2 months ago it was a 3.3.x and during the installation I had reported the same error on the forum and never had an answer to it.
by retrying yesterday actually dont work aswell with 3.3.5 I have downgrade to 3.1.2 for it to work!
is it just me or ?

So the problem is the graylog web interface doesn’t work at all? Or just a sidecar configuration? Neither this post nor the other one includes much detail so it’s a little difficult to help. This topic in particular doesn’t include any technical details, just that the web interface won’t work, which I took to mean the web interface altogether.

Maybe with more information, log files, more troubleshooting together we can solve it.

Before we do anything else, Jan originally asked about plugins in your other thread. Did you upgrade all plugins when you upgraded Graylog? At the least if you’re using the free enterprise plugins you must update those as well.

You right i didn’t gave u much of a technical detail !
The web Interface is working but:
-> the sidecar configuration square isn’t here i have an error saying there is missing .js file
-> same as the “search query request” field missing .js file
the rest seems to be working as expected

I investigate a bit and on the logs I’ve had some errors about nginx who couldn’t connect
(am sorry i didn’t store the logs and as now it’s working i let it like that ^^)

and for the plugin part i have no plugins at all i just:
-> create the virtual machine with the ova
-> fully update && upgrade the machine
-> and follow the doc in order to set up the sidecar

My problem is solved for now because i downgrade the post was just informational as i cant find anything maybe someone have the same problem :slight_smile:

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