Is Graylog Sidecar still in develop?


Is the Graylog Sidecar still in active development? Because the last Graylog Sidecar version, 1.0.2, is released almost two years ago from now.

At least for me, is one of the big differentials with other technologies. The simplicity to manage different collection options, and the idea of use tags for deploy/update configurations to different services is really amazing on Windows/Linux is really useful.

And about inprovements, there is some possible enhancements in the future, for example the possibility of review the logs of the sidecar services remotely, to do troubleshooting, or the option to update the version of the sidecar and/or the service that the sidecar manage.

Anybody knows if the Graylog Sidecar is a “live project”?

Thanks! Graylog is amazing.


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