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Hello All,

I’m testing Graylog 3.0 in my environment, everything seems to work so far, no problems yet. I decided to use Graylog sidecar for the first time and it was easy to configure on the remote client. I was able to see my remote host appear as shown below:

Under “Manage Configuration” worked good also, no problem:

My question is about “Sidecars Overview” its blank. Not sure what I did wrong. I am receiving message from my remote client. I was able to configure NXLog from Graylogs GUI without any problems.

Following is what I see. Any help would be appreciated…

Sidecars Overview:

Collector Configuration:

Collector Administrator page is also blank:

Graylog-Server as follow;
CentOS7 Virtual machine on Windows Hyper-V
Graylog 3.0.0-rc.1+f41986c

Remote machine sending log to Graylog server as follow;
CentOS7 Virtual machine on Windows Hyper-V
NXLog installed

Install the following;
rpm -i

graylog-collector-sidecar -service install


(Jan Doberstein) #2

two notes on that:

  • you need to use sidcar later than your selected version (0.1.7 minimal)
  • why did you use the legacy version with 3.0? This will be abonned and removed in the near future. Go with the new!

(Greg Smith) #3

Thanks for the reply, Installing the New,and thank you for the tip on the version.


(Henno Schooljan) #4

Is there a way to disable the legacy system? I do not want old Collector Sidecars to register themselves again, but I cannot seem to find anything in the settings to turn off the legacy sidecar connections.


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