Help setting up Nxlog with Sidecar

I’ve been following the documentation in order to successfully send my Windows Server logs to Graylog using Nxlog and Sidecar but can’t get my configurations right.

I am running Graylog on Ubuntu 18.04 and here’s where I am stuck/tried:

  • Installed and verified that sidecar is running.
  • Installed Nxlog on Windows Host and disabled service
  • Configured Sidecar with api token and url
  • Created a TCP GELF input

Now this is where I am having trouble. I am now supposed to create a configuration under sidecar->create configuration. I followed the instructions and by selecting NXlog on Windows, a configuration automatically pops up. Am I supposed to edit the Host here and add the IP of the Windows machine? Anything else?

What about the .conf file on the Windows machine? What part am I supposed to edit or add? Where can I find a working configuration?

Once the configuration is done on both, do I restart the sidecar service and assign the newly created configuration to the sidecar (sidecar->administration->select Nxlog->configure)?

Please let me know if more information is needed as I tried to be a thorough as possible.

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