Sidecar "Collectors Administration" have to assign after every reboot

Every time I restart the Graylog Server either just by service or full system reboot I have to assign the collectors against each object.

Help would be appreciated im probably just overlooking something.


This also effects Alerts they disappear after as well.

@Jimsys Which Graylog and sidecar version running on your environment. I hope your Graylog version is compatible with sidecar according to below documentation link.



Im Running Graylog Graylog v3.3.4 so whichever version that came with it.

The clients are sending using version 1.02

It just does not seem to save assigned “Collectors” so I have to assign them after every reboot, This also effects Alerts they all vanish after a reboot as well.

@Jimsys Check your Graylog and sidecar log files, so you will get some suspicious things in it.

Check your System - Configurations and section Sidecar System. There are some parameters, of inactive or expiration threshold for sidecar, maybe try to increase.

Yep I knew it would be simple, I changed it to clear some test data and never changed it back…

Thanks for the nudge.

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