Setting the time zone to the user

You announced a new version of graylog 4.0.2 where a change was to enter in which the user can see the time zone setting. After I updated to version 4.0.3, the timezone setting did not appear. Tell me which version will the change go into?

Hmmmm, it should be there–I’m seeing it in 4.0.3:

This should be under http://localhost:9000/system/users/ and then edit the respective user.

  1. If I log in not as an admin, but as a user for a resource provided by you, I get an error:
    Missing Permissions

You do not have the required permissions to view this resource.

Please contact your administrator and provide the error details.

The permissions check for the following request failed, while trying to access /system/users/.
cannot GET http://localhost:9000/api/users/paginated?page=1&per_page=10 (403)

  1. As a user, I want to be able to edit data - http://localhost:9000/system/users/edit/
    , users / edit / button is inactive
in version 4.0.3 I can edit the user by logging in only with the administrator's login, this complicates my work.

Hmmmm, what about the “show profile button”? I’ve got a user whose only role is Reader and I can edit the timezone:

when I go under the administrator I see what you are

when I log in with the username and the role of reader, then I have no opportunity to edit the profile

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So this user is an external user? What are you using for your external authentication–the user I have is local to the Graylog cluster. It may be that this isn’t possible with external users, but I’m not sure, tbh.

I am using Active Authentication Service - LDAP

Hmmm, that sounds like a bug then. I’d file an issue over at and describe what’s happening and that you’d expect an external user to still be able to change their timezone.

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I think you’re right, I’ll try to describe the problem here at, thanks for your time.

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