Server dead after 2.3.1 to 2.3.2 upgrade

I think I’m hosed but thought I’d ask for help…

I was running on Graylog 2.3.1 and of course my server alerted me to a new version being available. I figured, cool. I’ve upgraded before, not a problem.

I used the instructions from this page: and followed the instructions under “Update to latest version”, which are:

wget sudo dpkg -i graylog-2.3-repository_latest.deb
sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install graylog-server

So, now graylog-server can be started, per the instructions at the end of the install but nothing is accessible and graylog-ctl is no longer in existence. A reboot hasn’t helped and I can’t even access the webserver.

Anyone else run into this? Any thoughts on how I can fix it?

I did see this thread but it isn’t quite the same… Graylog Upgrade from 2.3.1 to 2.3.2

Thanks in advance!


Since you’ve been referring to graylog-ctl, I guess you’ve been running the Graylog OVA (or AMI).

You’ve installed the wrong package.

Try reverting to your latest snapshot of the VM and follow the upgrade instructions in the documentation:

You are correct.

Well crap… I’ll give that a try. Thanks for the info, it’s much appreciated!!

Well, I uninstalled the package and then followed the directions in your link. It pulled back in all of my streams and prior logs. The only thing is that it reset my admin password to the default. I call that all a success!!

I couldn’t revert to a snapshot because I’m an idiot. I had to remove the snapshots so I could add another 100GB to the disk and extend the disk. I should have snapshot it afterwards but I didn’t, I just went along with the bad install.

All in all, I’m happy! Thanks jochen for the excellent help!!

I would say that it is an easy mistake to make considering that both packages are named graylog_latest.deb, they’re just downloaded from different endpoints.

Of course this in context of upgrades.
Speaking of which, I personally think that upgrade notes should be rooted at one common document.
Example: Upgrading to 2.3.2, and in that document either describe in sections upgrade of each type, or just link to them.

Hunting for graylog-ctl script to find the upgrade notes is not intuitive.

For all the upgrades I’ve gone through I always thought about suggesting this, but I stopped myself short thinking perhaps it’s just me, after-all I wish other products had as thorough documentation as Graylog.

Thanks for great product and documentation that goes along with it.

I totally agree.

Please create an issue for that at Issues · Graylog2/documentation · GitHub

Done. Thanks.

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