Segment Graylog based on projects

We are a small agency and manage a lot of sites/applications for different clients. We’re going some research on different platforms which we can use internally to help manage client’s servers and sites/applications.

I have one questions which i cant immediately find…is it possible within Graylog to segment the admin dashboard based on client/projects? Such that, within each client/projects, we would have separate dashboards for each application we need to monitor for that client/project. We’re looking to have one centralized system (Graylog) where we can have visibility on all of the servers/apps we’re watching, which is organized by client.

Let me know if this is feasible. Thanks

Yes, you can create Role for client/project with permissions to read/write desired dashboard and after that assign this role to your admins.

If you separete log messages by streams for client/project, you can also assign read/write permissions to role. This way, admins could only see log messages and dashboards of desired client/project.

You can create and assign role using web interface, or Rest API:

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