Search bar not the same in views as in searches

I would like to know why the search bar does not have the same functionality in views mode as it does in search mode.

Visually it sort of looks the same, but when you start typing the auto completion is much different.
In the search section you can use tab to auto complete things and it puts for example the colon after a field name for you automatically. The views seems to be using some other library and it does give you a drop down and allow you to select things, but no where near as useful as the search version, IE

Why such disparity? I mean why not just use the same library for both and be consistent.

he @isaacegglestone

the new search aka views is the new way of searching and more important of the visualisation. In Graylog 3.2 this will replace the old search complete.

So you might want to add your wish as a feature request over at GitHub.

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