Annoying bug in 5.2.4 Search bar disappears

Hi all, I upgrades from 5.1.10 to 5.2.4 this morning and wondering if anyone else is experiencing a bug where when you delete a search the search bar seems to disappear?

Ubuntu 20.04.06
Graylog 5.2.4
Mongo DB 6
ES 7.10.2

I have just tested this, and after deleting a saved search a almost normal pages returns in 5.2.3 and 5.2.4.

This sounds like a bug. Can either of you give exact steps to recreate this?


For me I can just type a search and run it then delete the search criteria, then start typing a new search where the suggested search fields drop down will appear then if I backspace it all out once I have deleted it the search bar disappears. I have to F5 the page to get the search bar back.

Before you responded, I was able to recreate this only once by creating a search with an already existing field name such as HOSTNAME, but I couldn’t figure out how to recreate it again even with your exact instructions. I can confirm this is a for sure bug so will be creating a github issue. To help dev deal with this easier and recreate it consistently, when you are crafting the second query are you searching for an existing field name and then waiting for the field values to pop in such as the first screenshot or searching for the field names like the second screenshot?

Hrmm something interesting, I was able to get it to do it jsut now without hitting search at all. I started typing and it started loading the search fields, i backspaced it all out then started again backspace it all out then started again and when it dropped down the search field list the search bar disappeared. So it looks like you don’t even need to run a search, it yes seems to be related to the suggested fields loading.

Hi @David_W , as this is hard to reproduce for us, could I ask you a favor and repeat it once more with your development tools console open (hit F12 in either Firefox/Chrome or Edge, choose the console tab and repeat the steps).
This might give us more insight about what causes the search bar to disappear.

Thank you,

I’ll see if I can help.