Search Crash After upgrading to Graylog 4.2.1

After upgrading to Graylog 4.2.1, when accessing the search screen, GrayLog freezes for 30 seconds to continue.
Can someone guide me on how to identify the problem.

Hello && Welcome

It could be a couple things but unfortunately with the lack of information given about your environment I cant give you a direct answer.
For a better understanding please look at this post.


Good afternoon!

Implemented the GrayLog 4.0.5 solution on a dedicated server with 8 CPU and 8 GB RAM. ElasticSearch is installed on a second dedicated server with 12 CPU and 64 GB RAM and 5 TB HD.

After updating GrayLog to 4.2.1, all search screens when entering it freezes for 30 seconds and then back to normal.

I would like to know if anyone else identified this issue after performing the update? If this could be related to the update or if someone can help me with the investigation steps.

Hello @abellomo

I personal have not had an issue.
As for troubleshooting your problem I would execute the following steps

  1. Check your Elasticsearch logs, perhaps TAIL them when you loading a search screen.
  2. Check you Graylog logs, perhaps TAIL them when you loading a search screen.
  3. Check for issues relating in your MongoDb logs.
  4. If your using Chrome I would check out your " Developer Tools" or something similar with the other browsers. Maybe see what’s going one between Graylog and your Browser.

  1. Check your resources by using TOP or HTOP when opening search screen.

What your able to show us might help, like configurations, etc…

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