Missing Views menu

I have recently installed Graylog for the first time. I am running version 3.2.4 running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.

I have been watching some of the official webinars from the Graylog website. Very helpful howver I have noticed when watching the one on Views (https://www.graylog.org/videos/views) that my installation is missing the Views menu, as shown below: -

Any thoughts on why?

The video was shot on a pre3.2 version. With the 3.2 release, they merged the regular search with the enterprise views into a single view and it’s just called search now.

Check the 3.2 announcement for more info

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Ah ha

As someone who has only had the product installed for 7 days, I was not aware of that change. Thanks for the assist. Makes sense now. :ok_hand:

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