Root_timezone is set but still getting UTC

i have set root_timezone as Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh ( /etc/graylog/server/server.conf):

timezone = Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh

but user is still getting UTC time:

“Last Activity” show UTC time not what i set

time configuration is Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh.

Hello @hungv35 && Welcome

Graylog saves the dates in UTC, the Timezone that is set per user (in the profile) is then used to Display the Timestamp.

What do you see when executing this command.

root # timedatectl

thank you for reply here is what timedatctl show:


I have the same thing for Last Activity it in UTC & Graylog does store this in UTC format.
By chance do you have any issues with timestamp on messages?


Index timestamps from Elasticsearch/Opensearch?


The timestamp on messages is right (it’s Asia/Ho_Chi_Minh GMT+7)
i dont know elasticsearch have to set timezone or not


Elasticsearch uses UTC, but if those two timestamps I showed above are the same then there is really no issue I know of.

Maybe someone else has a better idea why Last Activity is in UTC.


Notification should have Time Zone congiuration setting.


in telegram plugin there’s no time zone setting or i dont know where it locate

Oh I understand, I havent used telegram plugin But what I do know is if the Message has the correct timestamp on Graylog Web UI then that message is sent and recieved my another application with the incorrect timestamp, I would look into the remote device receiving it.

Like I stated earlier if these two are correct times shown below you should be good.

I would perhaps look into what is send those logs/alerts to ensure you have the corrct Timezone.

The Last Activity date/time I dont beleieve that would have a impact on sending logs to another device.

hey @hungv35

I found this on GitHub

hey, i just tested with slack
time still UTC

I found this also looks just like this issue.

yah, it’s seem like my problem

I was looking into this further and found something here.

You could post on GitHub for this issue here,

Im not sure how to fix the date/time issue on slack/Telegram

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