API Timezone issue

I use API to get logs from graylog. root_timezone is set in config file. And in GUI everything is ok, graylog timestamp = timestamp in log. Unfortunately API query is processed with UTC time zone.I use admin account to authenticate in API. What do I do wrong?
API query:
“{ “streams”: [ “603f6b27862c625f00730877” ], “timerange”: [“absolute”, { “from”: “2021-04-02T07:50:00.000Z”, “to”: “2021-04-02T07:59:59.999Z” }] , “query_string”: { “type”:“elasticsearch”, “query_string”:“action:accept AND subtype:forward AND dstintf:port10” } }”

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You don’t do anything wrong. It’s a feature not bug. API uses UTC timezone, because ElasticSearch also use it. root_timezone is only used in web interface for user admin to render it correct timezone, not in API.