New user - Time question

I am having a problem with showing logs in searches.
I have set up a Ubuntu graylog 3.0 server that recieves GELF UDP logs from a windows machine. The time zone on both machines and the time zone in /etc/graylog/server/server.conf are all set to Europa/Copenhagen (+1 hour).

I can see under system-> indices that there are coming a lot of messages to my indices but if I go under sustem-> Inputs -> Show recieved messages no one is showed there. Also if I press show elasticsearch query I can see the timestamp “to”: is an hour behind the time set.

Hope someone can help me with a fix.

the root_timezone is the timezone that is used for the user root that is hardcoded in Graylog present - nothing else.

The messages are stored in UTC - always - that is the reason you see the query beeing in the past. When you choose “all messages” as a timerage, did you see messages then?

Okay thanks for that info.

I found the problem. My time settings was set to sunday being the first day in the week and I am used to monday being the first. So when I was setting the time I took the last day in the week. So my logging machine was a day in the future :pensive:

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