Messages 2 hours behind


We are using Graylog 3.2.4 and in the GUI messages are shown 2 hours later


1 TCP input is created and messages are coming in coming from our firewall on port 5514

the system times show all 3 correctly in the GUI and also the firewall uses the same time.


what can we do to have real time messaging ? doesn’t have to be the same second but would be nice to see it much quicker.

one of the fields in the message shows:

so it looks like it has time zone information. We are using UTC + 2 so looks correct. ( Amsterdam )

the timestamp in one of the messages itself looks like this:


2020-08-28 16:37:01 +02:00

thanks for your information. Is is a nice puzzle to solve anyway :grinning:. We very much like the graylog application so I think this is easy to correct. If it needs a pipeline can you provide us with an example ? Not sure if this is the case.


Are you having the same issue currently being discussed in this thread?

Yes this looks exactly the same issue. I will keep on following this post. Thanks for pointing this out.


when I do a search 2 hours later ( the time now being 9:54) and do a absolute search for 11:54 the message is showing in the GUI


Check my previous post, it should help you:

Thanks… it now works I have setup the rule and the pipeline. Very NIce !!! :star_struck:

I had to wait a little bit… after making the change I did not immediately worked. I checked 2 hours later and now the messages are coming in real time with the correct time stamp

kind regards


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