REST alway listening on in Graylog 3.0


I know that Graylog 3.0 is still a test version but I have problem running it.
I downloaded GR 3.0 and upgraded graylog on some test Centos systems systems from 2.5 version. The server seems to start OK, but iREST and WEB are now listening on default IP address. But I didnt changed that in config file, there it it still local IP:

conf file:
rest_listen_uri = http://10.x.x.16:9000/api
web_listen_uri = http://10.x.x.16:9000/

2019-01-21T11:31:18.126+01:00 INFO [NetworkListener] Started listener bound to []
2019-01-21T11:31:18.128+01:00 INFO [HttpServer] [HttpServer] Started.
2019-01-21T11:31:18.128+01:00 INFO [JerseyService] Started REST API at <>

Can this be related to version 3.0 ? Maybe I made some mistake during upgrade and config change.


you should read the upgrade notes:

and make the changes to the configuration that are needed.


Thank you, that should help. I did read the documentation, but the otehr one, after download package link

To summarize for those who missed the docs. This:

rest_listen_uri = http://10.x.x.16:9000/api
web_listen_uri = http://10.x.x.16:9000/

Was replaced with:

http_bind_address = http://10.x.x.16:9000/api

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